The Zone is a compilation CD by Enter Shikari. It was released on November 12, 2007 in the UK only. It was announced October 1, 2007 by one of the members of Ambush Reality. The compilation features b-sides, demos and a remix by Rou's side-project, Routron5000. The first few thousand have 2 hidden tracks, these were put on by mistake. Three tracks are from the BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe Session performance.[1]

There were roughly 4000 copies made and it was priced around £7. It is currently available on

There is also a limited run of The Zone with only 4 tracks on it.


  1. The Feast (Demo) - 2:52
  2. Kickin' Back on the Surface of Your Cheek - 3:37
  3. Keep it on Ice - 2:53
  4. Adieu (Routron5000 Remix) - 7:22
  5. Sorry, You're Not A Winner (Zane Lowe BBC Session) - 4:23
  6. Mothership (Demo) - 4:49
  7. Acid Nation - 3:12
  8. Enter Shikari (Demo) - 2:57
  9. [Hidden track] Return To Energiser (Zane Lowe BBC Session) - 5:24
  10. [Hidden track] Keep It On Ice - (Zane Lowe BBC Session) - 2:56

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