We Can Breathe in Space, They Just Don't Want Us to Escape is the upcoming single by Enter Shikari. The release of the single will be the first single release by Enter Shikari in 2008. "We Can Breath in Space, They Just Don't Want Us to Escape" is a re-worked version of an old Enter Shikari song that wasn't included in Enter Shikari's debut album, Take to the Skies. This single may or may not be on Enter Shikari's upcoming album.[1]

The song was originally demoed by the band back in 2006 and hasn't been performed live since 2006. This was until April 19, 2008 at a secret show held by MySpace, and then again on June 28, 2008 on the Projekt Revolution Warm-Up show at Milton Keynes The Pitz. The reason of the re-recording was because of many requests from fans to have this song re-recorded. It's also noted that it's one of the most known songs by Enter Shikari due to P2P and File sharing sites.[2]

The planned release date of this single is dated for November 3, 2008. No details haven't been released about any b-sides or formats, (which will be announced soon) however, Shark & Blitz (Rou's side project) is working on a remix for probable inclusion as one of the B-sides. A video is also in the works, to be shot on the 5th September, 2008.[3]

Video shoot competitionEdit

A 'competition' was held on the Enter Shikari Forum to find people to appear in the music video for the single. The entrants had to be 18+ and send an email to an address, with winners being picked out of a hat. Two winners were chosen and were sent down to the recording in St Albans on 5th September 2008.[4]

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